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  1. Managing Dental Anxiety

    Anxiety about the dentist can be a common occurrence for many patients, and can even result in many being unable to even visit the dental practice. If you’re anxious about seeing the dentist, here are tips to ease the fear: Find a dentist who has experience with treating patients with dental anxiety. Once you’ve found […]

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  2. DIY Braces a ’bad idea’

    The British Orthodontic Society has warned patients of the dangers associated with DIY braces now available online. Warnings have come after a websites have been found that are offering visitors the opportunity to carry out their own orthodontic treatment at home, with an ‘assessment’ to judge their suitability using ‘selfie’ photographs, and if deemed suitable […]

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  3. To floss or not to floss?

    Various articles in the national press of recent days have trumpeted the downfall of dental floss but perhaps looking at the bigger picture tells a different story to the sensational headlines. It follows a journalistic investigation into the evidence to support flossing carried out the The Associated Press in the United States which suggests that […]

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  4. Having problems with your dentures?

    Queens Cross Dental may be able to help.  We offer a bespoke service for high quality personalised dentures. Our associate dentist Martin Ritchie explains some of the key aspects of our service and the benefits it can offer you: I see a lot of patients who have a long history of problems with their dentures, […]

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  5. Work Days Lost Due To Dental Problems

      According to reports from British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy, the UK economy loses almost £37 million per year due to employee’s taking time off work because of dental problems. Whilst occupational health policies such as nutrition advice, stop smoking, taking on a more active lifestyle is well researched, documented and promoted within […]

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    Queens Cross Dental offers a high quality dental implant placement and restoration service. Principal dentist, Andrew Scott has 16 years experience in placing implants in private practice settings and has placed over 1000 since 1999 with very high success rates. Andrew explains what dental implants are and the benefits this treatment could offer potential patients. […]

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  7. Why Principal Dentist Andrew Scott chooses to use Straumann Dental implants.

    Straumann is based in Switzerland and is presently the biggest implant company in the world. This has several key benefits for the patients: Reliability that the parts will continue to be made long into the future. It is one of the most independently researched implants available. There is extensive research and development investment. This allows […]

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  8. Embarrassed about seeing a dentist?

    If being embarrassed about the state of your teeth or oral health is keeping you away from seeing the dentist, then you are most likely not the only one. Read to see what one of our dentist Julie Rafferty thinks. Julie has worked in both NHS and private settings over the past 21 years. Julie […]

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  9. Personalised Denture Service

    FULLY PERSONALSIED DENTURE SERVICE Queens Cross Dental offers a bespoke service for high quality personalised and cosmetic dentures. Our Associate Dentist Martin Ritchie explains what makes this treatment different and what benefits it could offer you: “I see many patients who are having issues with their dentures; the reasons can be many and varied. Common […]

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  10. Dental Resolutions

    Have you considered improving your dental health? Here are some tips from associate dentist Martin Ritchie (BDS) Improve your diet Limit smoking and drinking Help kids achieve better oral care Address any unresolved dental issues Brush twice a day See your dentist for regular check ups Read the full article here in your local online […]

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