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Nine months ago I was given the devastating news that I would lose the bridge I had worn for 25 years (this accounted for one of my front teeth plus two others adjoining). My own dentist couldn’t offer me any sedation for the extractions which had to be performed so I knew from the outset I had to find someone who could not only help me through this stage but who could also offer me an alternative to wearing a denture for the rest of my life.

Andrew Scott was one of only a few I could find who could offer both treatments and, from day one, I felt I was in safe hands. He spent a lot of time explaining the procedure, making sure I understood everything, and was sympathetic towards my irrational fear of extractions.

The whole experience has been one of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to face but, in all honesty, the overall experience was so much better than I could have thought possible. There was mild discomfort from time to time but never to a degree that I couldn’t cope. Andrew’s calm but self-assured approach instilled confidence in me and, as a result, I felt less and less nervous with each visit. Nine months later, my dental implants complete, I am absolutely delighted with the result. They look perfectly natural and feel 100 per cent safe and secure.

The treatment may have been expensive but has absolutely been worth every penny – without a doubt the very best result I could have hoped for in the face of adversity! I can’t praise Andrew and his staff highly enough for their compassion and expertise and would highly recommend anyone who isn’t ready to face a future with dentures to contact Queens Cross Dental Practice.

Patient KC, April 2016


My wife and I have been treated by Martin Ritchie for two years now and our dental hygiene has improved dramatically. I received a periodontal treatment that made sure the foundations of my teeth were rock solid and also learned loads about how to improve me dental health at home. Martin has always been both extremely professional and pedagogic.

Mr C.C, Feb 2016

For at least 40 years I have had to put up with bad and poorly fitted dentures. Due to this my confidence in a happy smile was always and problem and eating was difficult, especially biting on an apple.

I decided to attend Queens Cross Dental after looking at the website. This was a big step for me as my last dentures were over 20 years old and it was difficult for me to even enter the dental practice.

I was introduced to dentist Martin Ritchie who was extremely patient and understanding as to what I needed. We discussed dental implants as well as the suction denture treatment. Unfortunately due to a medical problem, implants were not an option.

Each appointment was painless and Martin is extremely patient as I had a difficult denture to fit. There was a lot of time spent choosing the teeth and fitting to suit my face. The result has been absolutely amazing. My new dentures look and feel very natural and even the gum look natural. At long last I have the smile that I’m confident with. There was only one adjustment required and the dentures are very comfortable. The delight to bite an apple with confidence is fantastic.

I am now more confident in myself, can feel at ease giving lectures at work and am the first to smile for photos. My only regret is not attending Queens Cross Dental years ago, had I known how my dentures would have looked and felt, I wouldn’t have suffered for so long with ill fitting dentures.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone out there suffering with old and ill fitting dentures to attend and be seen by Martin, not only do my new dentures look and feel good, my family think I look younger! It is amazing how a nice smile can change a person.

Many thanks to Martin and many thanks to your technicians. Best thing I have ever done.

Mrs G.L, Feb 2016

After many years I decided to return for examination and hygienist treatment. Nicola has a superb manner. She’s patient, understanding and caring in her treatment thus giving me complete confidence. On the day of my extraction, Julie put me at complete ease and rest, giving me the full script of the course of action that she would be taking. Throughout she continually asked if I felt ok with the task therefore again giving me complete confidence in her. Julie’s mannerism is truly exemplary. These people could play in any team and I feel they are an asset to this team my sincere thanks to both. Truly class treatment.

Mr J.H, Feb 2016

I never thought that I’d find myself saying I enjoy a visit to the dentist let alone looking forward to it, but this is how it was as I progressed through my treatment with Julie at Queens Cross Dental.
Julie understood exactly what I wanted done and we set upon a program of treatment which progressed exactly as I had expected ending with a result I was delighted with.
It was a spur of the moment decision for me to even lift the phone and make an appointment but I certainly not one that I’ve regretted.
I have found Julie to be excellent at her work and would recommend her to anyone.

Patient FM, 20/07/2015

“I was very impressed with the care my dentist Martin Ritchie provided. He took a lot of time, care and effort to overcome my rather difficult denture case. He was very particular and meticulous about the measurements and repeatedly took them over and over again to ensure my dentures fitted properly. He is a perfectionist.”

Patient D, 08/04/2015

“During 2014 I had two dental implants completed by Dr Andrew Scott at Queens Cross Dental Practice. Dr Andrew Scott has a quiet confident nature and carefully explained each stage of the procedure before carrying out the work in a gentle and competent manner in that I experience no undue discomfort throughout. I am very happy with the end results and subsequent examinations have confirmed that the implants have been totally successful.”

Patient MT March 2015

“From my initial consultation with Andrew Scott I felt I was to be in a safe pair of hands and so it proved to be the case. Over 22 months of extractions, implants, crowns and bridges I found the experience no more stressful than a visit to the hairdresser, thanks to Andrew’s skills and patience. I would highly recommend Queens Cross Dental, a modern welcoming surgery, to anyone – particularly those with a nervous disposition!”

Patient RS, July 2014

“Dear Andrew, I would like to say how pleased I am with my implant and veneers. Thank you for the time you took to explain things and for your patience with my unscheduled appointments that I needed. I am delighted with me ‘new smile’ and will be recommending to my friends. Please extend my thanks to your colleagues who were involved in my case”

Patient HH, July 2014

“Thank you so much to Julie at Queens Cross Dental for giving me my smile back! I haven’t quite got used to seeing my teeth so perfect yet, but hey I’m sure it won’t be long! Love my smile and can’t be happier with the results! Would recommend to anyone who is seriously feeling let down by their teeth! Feel like I have my confidence back and no longer need to hide the gap by tilting my head in photos. A perfect smile that makes me feel very professional and no longer like “Goofy”! If it hadn’t been for the 0% finance option I’d still be glum and with a gap tooth! So glad I went here! Julie was great, very professional. Felt like she genuinely cared for her work and clients, unlike the treatment I had received from previous NHS providers! 10/10″

Patient NW, June 2014

“I had wanted cosmetic dentistry for some time but was a little nervous about how my requirements would be interpreted by the dentist. The last thing I wanted was to go through any amount of pain or expense if I wasn’t sure that I would be happy with the end result. When I finally took the plunge, I visited 3 separate dentists and Queens Cross Dental were easily my first choice to carry out the work. The dentist, Julie Rafferty spent a considerable amount of time asking what I hoped to achieve, explaining what my options were and which procedures would be necessary to get the desired result. During this whole process I felt that the dentist really listened to me, never rushed me and always made the end result the top priority. Previous dentists I had visited seemed to offer the most convenient course of action, even if this didn’t produce the best end result. I am absolutely delighted with the work I’ve had done at Queens Cross Dental and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone”

Patient GL, May 2014

“It has now been 2 weeks since having the implant crown fitted and being free from the partial plate is wonderful. From the beginning my dentist Mr Scott explained fully what the treatment involved. I found Mr Scott friendly and very approachable. Everything he mentioned took place over a 5 month period. The implant placement wasn’t as bad as I imagined and had little discomfort but followed fully Mr Scott’s instructions. He also provided a mobile number in case I needed to contact him over the weekend. I had my stitches removed a week later to which Mr Scott was happy with the progress with a further review 2 weeks later. Again Mr Scott was happy with the progress. After the implant was fitted Mr Scott gave me full instructions and demonstrated how to keep the implant clean especially at the top of the gum. My overall experience was very good. Yes it WAS expensive bit in my opinion was money well spent. I am delighted with my ‘new’ smile.”

Patient MR, April 2014

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